6 months of «strong decision-makers on the field»

The book by Andreas Schumacher and Bernhard Peters, «Zwei gegen Eins – Starke Entscheider auf dem Platz» (Two against One – Strong Deciders on the Court), has now been available for purchase for 6 months and we are immensely pleased that we were able to distribute more than 3,000 copies in those months. On behalf of Bernhard and Andreas, we would like to thank all of you for your support and hope that we have been able to meet your expectations.
For Andreas and Bernhard, the two-on-one situation is the core of the offensive game. Therefore, teaching this game and training idea has a special meaning for them. The efficient training close to the game is always in the focus. Thereby we would like to support the players to reach the following goals:
  1. an improved understanding of how to assist the ball handler more quickly, immediately, and effectively after he or she has controlled possession.
  2. players learn to distinguish between dynamic situations with spaces for purposeful passing and running towards the goal and static, condensed situations.
  3. improved 2v1 skills are resulting in increased quality and speed of overcoming spaces, penetrating the penalty area, and scoring goals.
In addition to the content from the book, you can regularly find new information about the book in our LinkedIn group, on the «Zwei gegen Eins» YouTube channel and, of course, here on our website.