Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu – Development of a strong football identity

Turkish football is all about emotion and intensity! The enthusiasm for the game is evident in every corner of the country and players like Hakan Şükür, the brothers Halil and Hamit Altintop, and Hakan Çalhanoğlu, who recently made a spectacular move within Milan, are known far beyond the country’s borders. In the past, the national team also played a good role in the major tournaments.

The goals of the Turkish Football Association for the next few years are as clear as they are ambitious: A strong playing identity will be established for the youth national teams all the way to the professionals! The association’s board, in which Hamit Altintop plays a decisive role as vice-president, is putting all its energy into the internal development of its own coaches and experts in order to gradually sharpen the playing identity.

Together with Levent Sürme, a long-time coach and expert in the youth development centres of FC Augsburg and RB Leipzig, we accompany and moderate the association’s process on and off the pitch on-site with BPTC! Starting with a Status-Quo analysis of current tactical trends and developments, the process is structured step by step up to the definition of tactical principles for one’s own game. Alternating between theoretical impulses and practical tasks, it is ensured that the coaches and experts succeed in the transfer from the meeting room to the football pitch. The active involvement of all coaches and experts ensures that the achieved results can be understood and transferred into practice by each participant.


Through the step-by-step workshops, we train the analytical competence of the coaches and experts in the interpretation and implementation of age- and position-specific training content within the developed game principles for the association. The constant evaluation and analysis of the on-pitch performance with the defined game principles as well as the regular analysis of international football and tactical developments are decisive for this.

In our workshops and the jointly conducted training courses, we have been able to observe a fast and motivating learning success among the coaches and experts of the association due to a high work ethic, quick comprehension, and an absolute passion for football. We are keeping up the momentum in our cooperation and are looking forward to future top-class international Turkish national players who will make their way through successful and sustainable youth national teams.